Saturday, 5 December 2009

Time to prod your loved ones in the right direction!

It's starting to look a LOT like Christmas... A bit scary, because I am hugely underprepared this year, or at least I feel like I have barely started organising and planning. And, the family Christmas gathering is at my house this year EEEEK!!

So, it is most definitely time to start giving a little nudge to your hubbies and families in the direction you'd like them to head for your Christmas gifts. That is unless of course you would like to receive a 'vegetable scrubbing brush' from your nearest and dearest. Yes, that has happened, you may even read about it on a blog perhaps?? Or, perhaps you'll get a hedge trimmer. Or a boxed set of your partner's favourite TV series. Or, nothing at all because they had no idea what to get you (DOH!) and then ran out of time to try and find something...

All you need to do is to write out your Stampin' Up! wishlist, hand it to them with my details jotted on the back, and tell them that if they ring me, it will all be taken care of in one easy step. Complete with bonus handmade card, and giftwrapping too if you're local. What could be easier for them, and more satisfying for you? Everybody happy, and that's the way it should be! It's Christmas!

Phone me on (02) 9484 9447 or email me at Gifts can be delivered ANYWHERE in Australia (the handmade card will be forwarded separately from the delivery if you are outside my personal delivery area)

Ho Ho Ho! Just call me Santa ;)

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Crafty Cow said...

mwahahahahahahaha i love the picture mwahahahahahahaha