Saturday, 26 December 2009

I wish you a Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone reading had a safe and happy Christmas, and are able to relax and recover today - Boxing Day! Here's to a 2010 ahead full of creative inspiration, health and happiness.

In the pic is the Gingerbread House I made with the assistance of my two lollie directors! It is the first time I have made one, and I was quite pleased that it turned out just like the picture on the baking mould box! Lots and lots of Royal Icing went into the gluing together too! It's now missing its chimney, and the odd sweet, but it seems almost too pretty to break apart and eat!

But, that leads me to one of my New Year Resolutions - don't hoard, USE! Take a look at your stash, and choose something that you have been saving for a 'special occasion' - be it ribbon, patterned paper, fancy embellishments or anything else! It's not fulfilling its purpose in your drawer, so pull it out and use it up! Make a card, a scrapbook page, decorate a tin, and enjoy your creation.

The best bit is that when you have run out, you can buy some more, guilt free LOL!

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