Friday, 4 December 2009

My new Stampin Up! Website!

It's brand new, and I'm still finding my feet around editing and personalising it, but if you're interested in popping over for a look, here's the link (and clicking the picture should also work, I hope!):

Demonstrator Business Web Site - Michelle Dyson

There are some very cool features, my fave is being able to bypass all the forms and sign up to become a member of my StampInkPaper Inc team, all with the click of a few buttons! All you need to do before joining is to contact me for the special password, but you'd probably want to have a chat first anyway!

It's also a great place to go and see all the latest in official promotions offered by Stampin' Up!, like the Christmas Extravaganza promo, running until December 14th (quick!) Free punches, pretty cool deal!

What else? You can sign up to get a newsletter, get RSS feeds etc when I update, view my schedule of classes and events, see some projects, and lots more. I'll still be keeping my blog, especially while I am still a learner on the proper website, but I hope to be updating both on a regular basis. So, do drop by and have a peek, and leave me a comment here to let me know you've visited. I'll draw a little RAK from the people who comment in a week's time... (PS - Lynda S!! I haven't forgotten, your RAK is on my whiteboard to-do, promise it won't be much longer!)

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Lynda said...

Hiya Michelle. Popped over to ur new site and left a comment too (in the right space I hope!!) :) I lurve to wee boxes that are in th pic. I am in the midst of a production line for Chrissy at the mo..and after 2 days...still on schedule....LOL!!! I hope all is well at your end of the world.