Thursday, 26 February 2009

Nothing to do with stamping again, but isn't HE cute

Nope, not a huge spider this time, but the latest addition to our family :) His name is Bentley, and he is a British Shorthair (often known as British Blue since he has the classic steel blue coat colour) We had absolutely NO intention of adding feline #3 to our family when we visited a large pet shop on Sunday. None. I had prepared some water for the mothballed fishtank, with the thought that the children would be thrilled to bring home some pets of the piscean variety.

The actual purpose of the visit was to donate some cat food to the Bushfire Appeal, for the displaced animals in Victoria. Good deed done, we wandered the massive shop, looking at all the interesting creatures. And one of them caught our eye in particular. He captivated the entire family with his antics in the enclosure with his Ragdoll kitten friends. And then we went home. And pondered. And wished that we'd asked for a cuddle. So, we decided, completely unanimously, to call on Monday to enquire about his price tag and other relevant details.

On Monday, the call was duly made, to find that his price had just been reduced because he was now 15 weeks and had been there since 8 weeks of age. Hmmm, that wasn't good, poor little thing needed a proper home. You can see where this is leading!

So, on relaying this information to dear hubby, he surprised me by saying that Lillian and I should go out and ask to hold him, and see how he went with a child around. Hmmm, fateful decision! It turns out that he didn't like being held in the pet shop, and was scratchy and scared. So, I asked if we could take him to a separate room and see how he went in a quieter environment. And he instantly changed to a purring schmoozy kitten. Decision made!

He's settling in well, although Monte and Fudge are a little less than impressed. I'll keep you posted on his progress...


Lynda S said...

Hi Michelle,
I am not a cat person at all, but he is v v cute. Great pic

Dani Fender said...

Awwww he's a cute pussy cat!!! Awwww!