Thursday, 19 February 2009

Chocolate-free Chocolate Sliders

In my tutorial somewhere down below about making the chocolate bar sliders, I mentioned that the pattern could be modified to suit a number of chocolate-bar -ish shaped items, such as CDs, paper backs etc. Well, I have tested it out on a couple of DVDs, with (I think!) great success. By a happy co-incidence, a 12x12 sheet of our Designer Series papers fits very neatly around a standard plastic-cased DVD, with just enough for a strip of double sided tape to seal. And, the excess length is 2 inches, the perfect size for a decorative band when reversed to the opposite side.
Here I've used a pattern from the Outlaw pack

Here's a quick run down:

*Trim 5cm from one side of the 12x12 sheet and set aside

*Score approx 10cm in from the short edge, and again 1.5cm further in, and fold along these lines. Place the DVD against the fold and mark on the inside where the other side of the DVD ends.

*Score along this mark, and again 1.5cm further out. Fold and test with DVD.

*Place DST along the very edge of the underlap and all the way across the bottom edge. Remove both liner tapes, but seal the vertical seam first, then the bottom edge, pleating the sides at the base before scoring or crimping to get a firm adhesion.

*Punch a half circle through both layers at the top, and a horizontal slot about 1cm below this for the ribbon to thread through. Cut enough ribbon to go right around the DVD lengthways with overlap for tying and thread this through the slots.

*Slide the DVD inside, which pushes the ribbon down to the base.

*Decorate with the scrap band, a few layered punches, a stamp or two to personalise and it's done! Hubby was quite impressed with the contents as well as the wrappings, so all was good!

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