Wednesday, 9 May 2012

More Escape2Create goodness!

 I've had a shocker of a week, catching up from a fabulous trip to e2c, full on teaching and uni, and some assignments to stress over as well :(  It's nice to look at the pics and pretend to be back there, if just for the time it takes to write this post.  Some of the pictures have been borrowed from the escape2create blog...

The lolly buffet - complete with some memorabilia from e2cs past.  There were lovely big white bowls to scoop assortments into, and take back to the tables for the late night sugar hits needed to keep on stampin on!

 Just before the happy noises of guests arriving, we enjoyed a toast of Moet with the whole behind the scenes team and teachers.
Creative juices, captured in a glass - Amanda and Meredith's now famous Cosmo cocktails.  Chug-a-lug, there's a whole jug in the kitchen!

e2c blog borrowed pic of the hive of industry taking place!
The decorated shed, before the peeps filled it up!

 Kate Mason, artiste extraordinaire!  She would like this pic better without her in it, but I think this apron captures her quirky creativity best when she's holding it out for me!

L-R me, Nat, Amanda, Kate, Meredith, Andrew and Sue, with Mardi at centre front - the e2c organising team and teachers with interstate helpers!
The whole crew, early Sunday morning  - sunglasses might have been a good idea...

I've photographed the cards and Kate's canvas class products, more tomorrow maybe!

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