Monday, 14 May 2012

A lovely handmade birthday present! And a plug for home-grown businesses

I was given this beautiful padded zip pouch, camera strap slip cover and keyring/grab handle for my birthday by the lovely Nicky Adamson, after I had long admired hers.  It was made by a very clever friend of Nicky's, Sandra.  There are some great funky gift ideas for all kinds of gadgets, from iPads to iPods to Kindles on Sandra's Facebook page, "Six Threads".  There are a selection ready-made to choose from, but Sandra can also custom make to your colour/size requirements.

The camera strap cover is a fantastic idea, which I'm sure you would agree if you've ever been to a gathering of cardmaking or scrapbooking women, a good half of whom have a camera that is either identical, or looks pretty much the same (Canon, 300-1000D anyone??)  It is also very clever in that it is padded slightly, which makes it more comfy to leave around your neck.  It also has a nifty elasticated pocket on one end, for your lens cap or SD card pouch!    The strap winds neatly around the lens, offering some protection and padding.  The zippered pouch is beautifully constructed, with a full lining and light padding.  The camera fits inside it easily with the standard kit lens attached, and the whole shebang fits inside my handbag.  It's just perfect for those occasions where I really don't want to take the separate camera bag with all the bells and whistles, but want something more snazzy to snap with than the ol' iPhone!  Love it so much, thank you Nicky and Sandra!

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