Saturday, 5 May 2012

Escape2Create 2012

Just posting these pics makes me wish I was back in the shed, stamping and laughing, soaking up the creative vibes that were so thick in the air you could cut them!  As always, Amanda, Sue and Meredith (the main organising team) together with their wonderful teachers for the year, Nat May, Mardi Winen and Kate Mason made it an unforgettable trip.  I feel lucky that I get to stretch the experience out to nearly a week, because it's a fair way to go.  For the last two years, Andrew has been part of the incredible behind the scenes team making everything run smoothly, helping out in the kitchen with the wonderful Val Slater (my newly adopted physics and chemistry HS teacher mentor!), and this year's volunteer cooking trio of Leanne, Mel and Kym.  This year, following on from last year's "Man in Pink" tag, he scored the label of "Mr McGuyver" from Mardi.  Lucky me that he's made himself so indispensible that I get to be amongst the chosen few who have the pleasure of attending and helping out.  I'm so inspired, my buckets are flowing over with enthusiasm, now just to find the time needed to play!  A huge thank you to everyone who is so friendly and welcoming to us out-of-staters, if I ever feel the need to move to the country, the Eyre Peninsula would be top of my list I reckon!

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