Sunday, 28 June 2009

What a concert!! Go and see P!NK if you possibly can

I have only been to a few concerts, but they have all been fabulous, U2 and Billy Connolly for example. However, last night's P!NK concert has to have been the best of them all for energy, showmanship and plain old talent! I went with Carolyn, a demonstrator in Kim's team, so she's a sideline of mine, an SU sista. With us was Donna, Carolyn's cousin Carolyn's wheelchair bound, and the seats she had access to were brilliant! THANKS Carolyn for thinking of me when you had a last minute spare ticket, and YES! I'll be going with you again when she's next in town. It's a rare find to watch someone who has true singing and songwriting talent as well as a fine insightful intelligence to go with it :)

How anyone can be hanging from the rafters by bungee cords and trapeze harnesses, upside down, and still be singing their heart out without skipping a note is totally beyond me. Her band is incredible, and we were treated to some guitar and drum solos while P!nk made some speedy costume changes.

It was also fascinating to watch the audience - there were pre-schoolers through to grandparents and everything in between, and I'd have to say that everyone looked like they were having the best night!

I took LOTS of photos, and some of them turned out pretty well, given the limitations of distance, zoom and lighting. I've put a few here, and I can heartily recommend that if you can get to a concert and you are in anyways a fan of her music, GO!


Lynda S said...

Jealous, jealous jealous to the max Michelle....and soon my baby sis will be rubbing my nose in it too!! LOL. It seems that A LOT of SU demos around Aus have been lucky enuf to see P!NK...and the response is the same....rave, rave, rave, rave rave!!!!! I am glad that u had a ball.

Kim Tonnet said...

Hmmmm, I was the shade of Kermit last night, now I've seen the photos, I'm the colour of a deep Irish Shamrock. I'm glad you all had a truly great time to remember for a long time. I'll be there with you and Cazza next time. Love KimT