Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Sneak Peek!

At our Regional Training conference last Saturday, Demonstrators got to have a good play with some not-quite-here products! (how good is a conference where you get to stamp!!) We've been told we can look forward to these products sooner rather than later, so we have our fingers crossed for their appearance in the Summer Mini, starting December 1 (mmm, plenty of Christmas present ideas here!!) We also made a very nice 6x6 scrapbook page in the same theme colours, but I haven't selected a photo to put on it yet, so you'll see that later maybe!


Anonymous said...

How cute are those lovenotes!!!

Cass x

Michelle said...

Thanks Cass! I can't wait for this stamp set to appear in the Summer Mini - it was lots of fun and very versatile :)