Sunday, 28 September 2008

New Look and a Quick Gift idea

How do you like my new colour scheme and header? I spent a leisurely Sunday afternoon playing with my blog layout and made some content updates, changed the colour scheme, and created a new digiscrapped header. Thanks very much to Carol Dunstan, Alana Gallagher, Kim Tonnet and Cassandra Grambau for the lovely cards I've been given, they suited my header colour theme beautifully as well as being inspiring in their own right :)

I also wanted to show you this quick gift idea, modified from a Chocolate/Candy Pull treat found on many blogs and Splitcoast Stampers. It can be adapted quite easily to suit anything from a fun size bar to a family block or even boxed chocs, and can be made in just a few minutes. I've made mine with some of last year's Holiday Thyme Designer Series Paper, the same beautiful patterns are available this year in a different colourway, called Wintergreen (109157). The best bit about using the DSP's is that the offcuts can be used to decorate the package, and the inside will co-ordinate beautifully with the outside. You could also use cardstock for smaller items. This particular pull treat holds my favourite chocolate, Lindt Intense Orange, dark chocolate with almond and orange peel slivers, mmmm yummmmm...

1. Take your sheet of DSP and lay the chocolate on top on the 'wrong side'. Allow 5 or more cm at the bottom for the sealing tape and crimping, and 5 or more cm at the top so the treat can't be seen until the ribbon is pulled.

2. Position the block so there will be enough at each side to overlap when the sides are folded across the centre of the block, mark and trim off the excess at the top and side. Note the measurements to save time if you want to make a batch for the same size block.

3. Score 2 parallel vertical lines at each side of the block, how far apart they are will depend on the thickness of the block, for the Lindt block I used it was 1cm. Use a bone folder to crease the lines neatly.

4. Place a piece of Sticky Strip strong double sided tape across the bottom centre, leaving the liner strip in place for now.

5. Place 2 lengths of tape/SNAIL adhesive on the under and over flaps and seal the long seam.

6. Pinch the bottom sides to pleat, and remove sticky strip liner, sealing the base. Use a paper crimper if you have one, or score several lines with your trimmer of bone folder to give a professional finish.

7. Use a circle punch to chomp a bit out of the chocolate NO!! centre top, and use a 1/4" hole punch to make a hole about 2cm below the chomp.

8. Cut a length of ribbon long enough to go right around the block top to bottom, with extra for tying, and thread through both holes you just punched. Slide the bar inside, this will push the ribbon down to the bottom! Tie the ribbon at the top, and then simply pull on it to draw out the treat! Easy Peasy!

9. Decorate the outside, I used a scallop circle and a 1 1/4" circle, stamped with the 'thank you' from Occasional Greetings. I laid these over a 1cm strip of DSP stuck down with SNAIL.

Quick, easy, elegant - what more could you want!!


Kristie said...

LOVE the new's fantastic!! That chocolate pull treat looks pretty good too...especially the Lindt choc inside it :)

Lin Mei said...

Great new look, Michelle! It is bright and lovely - suits you :)

The pull treat is great too!