Monday, 1 September 2008

I got an award!

Thanks Dani Fender for giving me my very first Blogging award! I had the pleasure of meeting Dani at the recent team weekend away, and she is one seriously talented YOUNG lady! That's Dani above holding an amazing watercoloured card in the striking combination of purples, orange and black (it was a colour challenge that I abstained from due to fear!) And, the t-shirt is apt, she was great company stamping away into the wee hours!

Now I get the pleasure of deciding where to send it next... and it came with rules! Some of which I think I will need to break, not sure if I have 4 dedicated followers of my blog!

1. Only 5 people allowed.

2. 4 have to be dedicated followers of your blog

3. one has to be someone new or recently new to your blog and live in another part of the world.

4. you must link back to whoever gave you the award.

Here we go!

1. Cass Grambau, my lovely upline, who I think checks out my blog from time to time ;)

2. Carolyn Gibbs, my stunningly talented downline, who never ceases to amaze me with her creativity!

3. Keeping it in the family again with a brand new blogger, who has been very busy setting up a fabulous blog in practically no time (I want her clock too Dani, cos it's also got more hours on it than mine!)... lets give a round of applause to the brilliant Kim Tonnet! Kim is also very generous with her time and tools, especially when I was getting started with SU, and it is great to have my SU "Grandma" just a stone's throw away!

4. Linda Higgins, who may or may not be new to my blog! Linda was the demonstrator for the very first Stampin' Up! workshop I attended, and although I already had an upline-to-be, she answered lots of my questions and made it all look SOOO easy and fun, that I made up my mind on the spot! Linda lives in another part of the world called the Central Coast, and has recently been justly rewarded for her hard work by going on the Incentive Trip. Now, Palm Cove most DEFINITELY counts as another world! So glad to read you had a wonderful time being spoiled!

5. Lin Mei Yap - who is getting this award again from me, simply because if I'm at all bored, or in need of procrastination, heading to her blog is guaranteed to give me a laugh! I love her writing style, and her cards are to die for!

Off to make some more swaps for Regional Training this coming Saturday! And I still haven't made those fathers day cards... But! I am beginning to feel a little more human and finally think this respiratory bug is on the retreat, fingers crossed!


Lin Mei said...

Thanks so muchly for the most flattering write-up, Michelle! I hope that you'll wake up tomorrow with the bug completely gone - but, remember, it wasn't me who gave it you!

Kim Tonnet said...

Thanks Michelle, that's a lovely compliment. Sorry it took me a while to notice, this week my special clock has not been running. Hopefully it will be back on track this week. Love KimT

Dani Fender said...

Thank you so much Michelle for such a lovely intro! Thanks for sharing that rather interesting photo with your viewing public also!

I find it funny that you think I have a special clock. I'm always missing out on sleep (evident by the weekend away)

Thanks for encouraging and inspiring me! I feel honoured that you think I'm "talented."