Tuesday, 5 January 2010

And now for something COMPLETELY different!!

Here's a bit of an oddball post, and it has nothing at all to do with stamping! I was shopping last week with the kids and we happened to see some fluffy pencil cases. As it is the beginning of kindergarten in just 2o something days for Lillian, she naturally wanted one. As did Ciaran, who has most definitely inherited his mother's love of all things stationery! Hmm, says I, looking at the hefty price tag and the rather ordinary quality.

Spotlight happened to be just across the road, and I promised them I would sew them each a furry pencil case. Off we trooped, and found a dazzling selection of fake fur. I was thinking that Miss Lillian would definitely go for pink, and she surprised me by deciding on a steely grey that she named "Bentley" - he's our pretty British Blue cat. Having named the colour, she then decided, naturally, that the pencil case should look like a cat. Hmm. OK, well, we'll buy some pink too. Ciaran is my Mr Orange, always has been, so I thought that would be his choice. Wrong AGAIN - he chooses Leopard Print!

I made them in an evening, and they were quite fun. I lined them with some mid-weight denim, and made them with open end zippers (which makes assembling them easier as the zipper seams are enclosed to make them open smoothly) I like this style of pencil case with the sipper down the middle because it sits nicely on the desk without spilling the contents.

Lillian's has a pink 'tongue', and they both have a tie of ribbon to make opening the zip easier.

At least I know that amongst a host of smiggle/barbie/dora/smash pencil cases, they will both have something pretty unique. I made a couple of smaller zipped purse pouches with the excess width of the fabric, so they have a matching pouch for their lunch money too. Cool hey!


Robyn said...

Aren't you one clever cookie!

Carolyn Gibbs said...

These are sooo great! I got to handle them in person yesterday and they're super stroke-able. Lucky Ciaran and Lillian!