Sunday, 25 January 2009

A revamp and re-organise = refreshing!

It's done! Well, nearly! Handy Hubby is in the process of making me another punch rack to fill the gap between the metal note boards and the corner, hopefully it will be done tomorrow and I can then fill it up! (yes, I have a serious fondness for punches, no such thing as too many!!) The Ikea Expedit shelf unit is nicely filled, and the top is perfect for my 12x12 paper racks. I took some photos, both to show you, my visitors, and to remind myself what it should look like in a tidy state!! Although, I feel quite inspired to create now, so I don't have much hope of the floor looking that clean for long!

Still working on Valentines cards, but for now here is a card I made, from a design by Jayne Mercer for our team Charity, Camp Quality. I made some in blue, some in yellow, and some like this one in red and pink. It's a versatile design, simply change the occasion by stamping a different sentiment. I love the chunky sprinkles in the centres of the cut out flowers, very easy to do with the Tombow Multi glue.
It's also an easy one to do in batches, simply select 3 or 4 shades of the same colour, and stamp in sequence from lightest to darkest, overlapping them. The set used is the beautiful Eastern Blooms set from the Summer Mini catalogue, item 114275, just $39.95.

Enjoy a wonderful Australia Day, with plenty of relaxation and celebration!


Dani Fender said...

Can your hubby come to my house when he's finished either that or... When can I move in?? Your craft room is fab-u-lous! I want one! I wish my desk was organised as well as that!

Michelle said...

Thanks Dani!! I'm sure I could almost convince him to make a batch of the racks if there was enough interest!! It's done now, and almost all filled up :O I really really DO have a lot of punches ROFL! But now they are all up within easy I will probably use them more than ever. No trips to hospital this long weekend I hope!! see you soon :)