Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Organisational Ideas

I thought after posting some photos of my newly re-jigged craft room that I would share a few of the ideas that I have used to organise my stuff, especially since the layout and storage is working out so well in a practical sense.

For my stamps, I have them organised by the size of the clear clam shell box, and they are roughly stacked in groups eg backgrounds together-ish. They sit nicely in two rows in the cubes of the Expedit shelving unit, and there is room to move them about and sort within the shelf while looking for 'the one', without making a mess on my bench (which is what used to happen....) I have my Sale-a-bration sets for this year in a stack, so that makes grabbing them for samples and workshops fast. Same goes for the Summer Mini sets. Retired sets and past-mini sets (can't quite bring myself to say they are GONE yet!!) are in a cube of their own, so I don't torture my readers with too many unavailable sets. My Simply Sent Kits are also together.

For A4 cardstock, I collected 8 filing organisers from Officeworks- similar are available from KMart. Most have 5 drawers, but there are some with 3, which means there is more room for the neutrals etc. They do stack securely, and thats how I had them pre-shuffle. I have the colours organised in Colour Families, two colours to a drawer mostly. They are labelled with some printed cardstock labels that can be found on Ebay, and it makes finding the right colour so fast that I'd never be without them now! There are also drawers for patterned paper pieces, and long scraps that don't fit in my bench scrap dish. The bonus with the Expedit unit is that there is room above the filing box for an Ikea Trofast tray for various bits and bobs, as well as room on the side for plastic file cases with class notes etc inside. Excuse the slightly fuzzy image, I recropped the photo from the other post, but you get the idea!

Off for a swim now, I'll be back another time with more tips as I think of them!

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