Sunday, 11 January 2009

Nothing to do with stamping, but isn't she cute!??

This is a photo I'm quite pleased with! We have had a nocturnal orb spider weaving a web each night near our front door. But, with my previous camera I wasn't able to get the right picture of this gorgeously fluffy spider, and by morning she had always broken down her web and was hiding somewhere in the bushes. She's quite big, about 20c piece size across edited to add she's grown!! She's now about the same size as the scallop circle punch, and the lovely orange colour is quite accurate. I've seen lots of orb spiders, but never one quite as pretty as this. I am not a big fan of spiders generally, having been bitten more than once, but to watch this little creature weave a perfect web in mere minutes was truly awe-inspiring! Some of the detail is lost in the blog image, I was stunned to see two little pores in the centre of her back - I sure wasn't getting my nose that close to look IRL!!

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