Friday, 6 July 2012

Not a card, but a very PINK cake!

After the circus themed wedding cake, I was under instruction from my little girl to make a "9 inch cake with 5" top layer mud cake with pink icing and flowers" for her birthday back in April.  Well, I wasn't planning on making a multi-tiered masterpiece, but the other bits were fairly easy to achieve! Under the Buttercream 'dirty icing'/crumb coat there is a rich, dense chocolate mud cake.
 Next we have a pink fondant layer, very pink!  Probably a hang-over from the circus cake that was very brightly coloured, I dolloped in a generous blob of paste colour, then realised that it was probably a bit toooo much!  Never mind, when you are 7, 'Pinkie Pie Pink' is about as good as it gets! There are a few lumps and bumps in this, but I was without my cake smoother tools so I was still fairly pleased with how it turned out.  I used a magic plastic mat set to roll the fondant, so it wasn't super thick. 
 Decoration is fun when you have a cricut cake machine!  I intended to use this with paper, but had no idea that cutting icing would be as fun and easy as it is, so it is yet to see anything non-edible!  Very green icing this time, rolled onto the cutting mat, ready to go into the machine.
 Here are the first two layers of the design, they are cut separately and then added together.
 Here is the finished cake, with some (wonky) swirls around the sides.  It is much harder to position things vertically than on the top surface!
The birthday girls, with some of Grandma's macarons for more yummy treats.  Next cake will probably be for Master 10 turning 11 - I wonder what the request will be??!!

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