Thursday, 1 March 2012

Super Dooper Circus-themed Wedding Cake

Absolutely no stamping involved, although it's funny how many of the techniques and tools are common to both cake decorating and papercrafting!  However, I've had quite a few requests to post a picture of the finished masterpiece, so here it is!

This was a total joint effort, with my mum and sister, working from a original design sketch by the creative bride, my sister's best friend. Gleeful Cake Design is what we decided to call ourselves, based on our family name, although I don't think we'll be setting up shop anytime soon!

We had lots of help from my talented friend Maridy for the mechanics of covering the cakes and also providing her tins and recipes to play with!  There was a dummy cake layer at the base, so SO glad I didn't have to try and cook a 16" round cake!!  Then  a 12" chocolate mud, a 9" white choc mud, and a baby 5" chocolate mud for the top.  I also made a couple of extra 9" cakes for cutting in the kitchen, but they ended up looking almost as smashing as this one, because we sort of got on a roll with decorating!!  The cake must have tasted pretty good, as there wasn't much left over in the end, just the top layer I think as a keepsake for the happy couple.

The gum paste flowers were made over a period of about 6 weeks, and for a while there we were worried about the awful humidity and wet weather making them soft, and there was some very creative thinking to create a dry box to store them in.  It was also a well-travelled cake, and my dad got quite handy making beautiful padded crates to transport the layers in.

All in all, a total labor of love, the bride was thrilled that her drawing had come to life, and we had a lot of fun putting together our first ever wedding cake.  Miss 6 nearly 7 has put in her order for a spectacular birthday cake in April, should be easy-peasy after this one!!

If you would like to pin this, or repost, PLEASE link back to this blog and attribute the design to Gleeful Cake Design.  The design is a completely original concept by the bride, and it's only fair to credit the inspiration you might take from it.  Many thanks for your courtesy!

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