Saturday, 3 March 2012

My Stamping Space

As promised, my re-jigged stamping space.  It's still quite obviously jam-packed and cluttered looking, but everything is pretty well organised and located for ease of access and use.  Both these factors are much more important than how much space you actually have!  When I rearrange, my first thoughts are these:

How often do I use this?
Would I use it more if I could reach it easier?
What do I use so infrequently that I don't mind getting the step stool to access?
How can I group like items together to make it easy to remember where stuff is?
Is there enough space in the designated spot to cater for the inevitable growth in my stash?

This room is not especially big,  3.5 x 2.7 metres, and has no built ins. We added some "as is" Ikea shelves (black and red) and wall cupboards (beech) back when it was the home office, and they are quite functional for storing stamping gear.  Along the wall you can't see in these pics is my Expedit 4x4 cube bookcase, where all my cardstock and uni paperwork is stored.

The top pic shows just the corner of the trolley in a post down below a bit.  It essentially gives me a work surface on all four sides of the room, and that's a good thing, as I have a habit of covering every possible horizontal surface when I am working.  My tables, from my gorgeous antique Singer Sewing Machine stand with marble top (restored by my clever dad), glass top Ikea desk with trestle legs, expensive but so worth it Best Craft Organiser desk, cheapy officeworks glass top desks and another as-is Ikea office cabinet form a continuous surface around the 3 remaining walls of the room.  There's even enough space on the floor for an inflatable bed, imagine the crafty dreams you could have!

An assignment assessing the relative merits of science websites for teaching calls, but first I'm going to post a card made recently...

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