Saturday, 10 March 2012

The finished quilt unfurled - quite inspired to quilt with paper now...

A while back I posted about the quilt I have been making for some 12 years and finally finished in January...  One of my lovely blog visitors asked to see it spread out, and here it is on my bed.  No sooner had I finished, Kimmi the Quilt Blending cat decided it was a good spot to have a schmooge and ask for a tummy rub.  Wish granted, photo taken.  I hope the red/blue and tan colourway shows up better this way Sam!   You still can't really see the borders, but the first is the slate blue pinspot peeking out from behind the watermark, then the William Morris dark red Cherry Cobbler! print, and the outer border is a darker blue than the blue/white swaggy spot on the tan and blue triangle squares.  It's got woollen batting, and is quite pleasant to snuggle under.  I've even signed it now, since I've been nagged by every quilter who has seen it to date.  Who knows, maybe in 100 years time someone will wonder why on earth it took so long to make(snort!)


Sam said...

Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous Michelle! I love it. Thanks so much for taking the time to take a pic for me.

Your little Kimmi is pretty darn goregous too..but she knows that ;-).

Best wishes,

Roz Begbie said...

Lovely quilt!

I have one that I started about 12 years ago too, it's 3/4 finished, you may just have inspired me to finish it!

Michelle said...

Thanks Sam and Roz, glad you like the epic quilt, and I hope yours gets finished soon Roz! I worked on this in bursts with long gaps in between, but once I decided to 'cheat' on the quilting pattern, it got finished in no time. Probably would have finished it years ago if I didn't procrastinate on fancy patterns!

And yes, Miss Kimmi is an ex show cat, who ended up with Burmese rescue when her owner could no longer look after her. She knows she's beautiful, you should see the prima donna antics when you put a fresh black tablecloth down! She's up there posing before the air has settled LOL :D