Friday, 10 October 2008

My creative children - part 2!

Back in August, I posted the results of my 3yo daughter's stamping and punching efforts (remember the technicolour 'Tart and Tangy' card and mountain of paper flower punchies?) Today it is my 7yo son's turn in the limelight! He was much inspired by my Chocolate pull treat posted just down below a bit, and took it on himself to recreate it, in his own style of course! My kids have a shoebox and tray full of scraps, old scrapping papers, dodgy diecuts, ribbon snips, wrapping paper and the like that I add to whenever I have a stash clear out. Aren't I a nice mummy?? Umm, yeah, but there is an ulterior motive... preservation of my good stuff!! - I rationalise that if there is enough cool/glittery stuff in there, they won't dare dip into my rhinestone brads supply ever again!!

He presented me with a block of Lindt from the pantry, and a sheet of 12x12, and asking for some string and a stapler. I helped him a bit by showing the places to crease the paper around the edges of the block, but the rest was his own work. I especially like the little wrapping paper pockets stapled to the outside, holding an attached tag and a rhinestone ribbon charm he found somewhere (not mine!!) He wrote 'bad' on the tag, cos it was for his dad (haven't conquered the letter reversals yet!) and very proudly presented it to him that afternoon. Awwwwww, proud mummy moment!!! There are other examples of his card making style, specialising in action and pop up/tag creations, with hidden pockets etc, must photograph them one day!

What's happening today?? Preparing for my Christmas Stamp-a-Stack tomorrow 10-1.30. I've had a couple of cancellations, so give me a call on 9484 9447 if you can squeeze in some sanity time this close to the end of the school hols!!

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