Tuesday, 2 April 2013

It's been a busy, busy month!

Things are slowly returning to a normal pace of life around here, after a hectic round of work and play, ending with a cracking easter break.

First up - I'd been hanging out for my annual pilgrimage to North Shields, on the Eyre Peninsula of South Australia, to attend the BEST. RETREAT. ON. EARTH.  Best people, best atmosphere, best planning, best decoration, best prize table, best food.  Totally the best fun!

Here's a selection of images from our road trip, taken this time with my StampInkPaper team mate, Ryn, who scored a last-minute spot from the waiting list.
 Broken Hill - Miner's Memorial on the giant park bench at dusk.  Not sure what the knitted bands mean, they weren't there last year??
 Emu on the move, between Wilcannia and Broken Hill
 Emu: Do you think if I stand behind this fence post, they won't be able to see me??
 Miner's Memorial, at the top of the oldest mine workings, right in the centre of the town.
 View at dusk from the Miner's Memorial to one of the main streets of Broken Hill, Iodide Street I think?
 Old "Poppet Head" - entrance to one of the mine shafts of the main workings.
 Horrocks Pass, between Peterborough and Port Augusta.  A lovely, but treacherous stretch of winding roads after hundreds of kilometres of pure straightness.  Crap pic, as it was starting to drizzle, but scenic none the less.
We went on a felicitous detour this time, due to the navigator (me, apparently) being asleep in the back seat at the time...  We therefore came across the pretty village of Melrose, at the foot of Mount Remarkable.  It seems to be a magnet for mountain bike riding, according to the bike shops and trail posters, but where the main street comes to a dead end was scenic enough for us, with tin sculptures and gorgeous gum trees in big wide median strips. 

What other retreat do you know offers a chauffeur driven pickup service from the local airport?  Go Sandra!
 Table decorations, custom chevron tote goody bags, personalised mugs....

 The "shed"  - looks basic, but it's just perfect for scrapping in alll night long!  Heaps of space, and filled with laughter and infectious creativity, its the best shed on earth.
 Table 9 - that's us!
 Ryn putting finishing touches to the banner swag in the entrance
 Lolly buffet and Inspiration Station

Parade of logo'ed tshirts - one for each of the 5 previous years - I've been so fortunate to be able to attend every one, except for the first in 2008.

That'll have to do for now, getting late!  I still have heaps to show you, pop back soon!

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