Tuesday, 27 December 2011

A few days left to save! December Frenzy ends soon...

Hello everybody!  I hope all my readers have enjoyed a peaceful and relaxing Christmas Day, and are enduring the school holidays with ease and grace?  It's been unbelievably busy here, mainly due to me hosting the family Christmas.  I have NO idea how my grandmother managed to make it all look so effortless well into her old age, wish she was still around so I could ask her!! 

The kids are leaping on any chance to go for a swim, and it's lucky we've had a few days of warmer, less wet weather.  Or, perhaps I should make that ONE child is keen to don cossies, the other one was home from the last day of school for about 10 minutes before he broke his little finger!  It's all strapped up and splinted, but he's still managed to get it wet a few times, so I've had plenty of practice re-bandaging.  It's put a dent in his holiday style though!  Lucky he's pretty tough, and it should heal fine as long as he doesn't do more damage before it heals.  He's off to the doc again in a day or two for a repeat xray to see how it's healing, and a swimmable fibreglass cast if I get my way!

Onto more crafty matters:
The December Frenzy sale runs until 31st December,  and there are still plenty of bargains to be had.  Only the Every Moment set and the Ornate Blossom set have returned to normal catalogue price, as of today, but I'd still recommend not leaving it too late in case other items are also low in stock.

The pic above just shows the Christmas treats we made for the kid's classmates - Hershey's Nuggets, Red and Green M&Ms, and Maltesers, with Santa Owl toppers, apparently they went down well, making 60+ did take a wee while though!!

And, congratulations to Joan from Ulladulla NSW for being the winner of my pre-Christmas prize draw, I hope you enjoy your stamp set and goodies.

Happy relaxing everyone!

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