Sunday, 11 December 2011

December Frenzy - Gift Vouchers - Wish List Service

My bad, my bad bad BAD!!
I was supposed to put this up days ago, but I'm afraid it has been overlooked in the pre-xmas chaos.  Which is a shame, really, as there are some fabbo treats on this flyer at great prices, and I really wouldn't like any of my readers to miss out!  I'm going to grab a couple for myself, there are some sets there I've been lusting after for a while!

There's still time to have delivery before Christmas, but orders should be in by December 15th at the latest, earlier if you are on the West Coast in Wait-Awhile land.  Time is limited for the specials on the flyer, and once stocks are depleted, they will be removed from the promotion, so please don't wait if something catches your eye.

Suggested items -  (just a couple, click through to the flyer via the banner image above to see the full list)
Welcome Christmas, from $19.98 (clear) - an excellent Christmas set, 50% off!
Awash with Flowers - gorgeous abstract 2-step stampin set with stylised blooms, just $43.17 - 50% off!
Friends Never Fade and co-ordinating Ornate Blossoms single stamp - from $11.97
and lots more, ribbon, scissors, distressing ink kit, brads, wheels etc.

Christmas Wish List Service and Gift Vouchers available - 

Depending on the level of organisation of your significant others, there are a few options to arrive at gifts you really want for Christmas!
Want a surprise?  Simply pass on my contact details to your gifter, and I will order, gift wrap and present your gift with a hand-made card (for people able to collect from Cherrybrook)  or have it delivered with a handmade card sent by separate mail if you're further away.  Here's a link you'll be able to forward to your friends and family -  Michelle Dyson Stampin' Up! Website -   there's links to catalogues and a contact point, easy peasy

Not keen on leaving the selection up to chance??
Click HERE for a printable wishlist page you can fill in and hand over -  the link is direct to the PDF document hosted on "mediafire"

Left it waaaaayyyy too late?
I can send a gift voucher to the amount of the gifter's choice, by either email or by snail mail with a handmade card, and you can choose for yourself!

I look forward to helping hapless hubbies with their gift-giving dilemmas!

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