Thursday, 30 December 2010

Gold Medal for exemplary customer service awarded to " Pink Poppy "

I am very much a believer in excellent customer service, and it is something I try hard to provide myself.  However, every now and again, I come across service that goes so far above and beyond the norm that I feel proud to bestow my thanks in as public a way as possible - hence this unusual blog post:

The back-story - On Christmas afternoon my 9yo son unwrapped a gift from his auntie, which included a cool animal shaped "Balloon Ball Buddy"  Miss Soon To Be 6 also received one.  Of the assorted treasures they received, these toys were the most captivating, and were quickly extricated from their packaging and inflated.  For a short few minutes, there was much amusement and pleasure, but then Master 9's tore apart under very moderate inflation.  There were tears, quite a few of them, wrapped in much disappointment.  Miss STB6 very graciously offered to stem the flow by telling Master 9 that she would share hers with him, although she was now anxious that her toy would suffer the same fate.  I offered that I would try and find him a replacement as soon as possible, and so as not to forget, and before the packaging could be binned, I sent off an email explaining the story above to the distributor address on the packaging,  Yipose Trading Company P/L, who are most commonly known as "Pink Poppy" , purveyor of all things pink and girly.  You've almost certainly seen their stands of hair clips and bows and similar goodies on your shopping adventures, but I'd never seen the balloon toys before.

Scroll forward to 9am Boxing Day morning, when the doorbell sounds.  Expecting to find neigbouring children keen to play, imagine my stunned amazement to find a representative from Pink Poppy, with not one, but TWO replacement "Ball Buddies", and an additional gift for both Master 9 and Miss STB6 of a cool 'projector' pen, and a sturdy kid-sized shopping bag to boot.  There were a few more tears, of happiness this time, along with profuse thanks.  Mere hours after sending the enquiry, on a traditional family day, where no one would be expected to read work-related emails, let alone act upon them.  Quite simply amazing!

I am so very impressed at the speed and thoughtfullness with which the drama was resolved, and would like to congratulate the people responsible for their excellent service.  You certainly made our day, and restored a little faith in the commercial world as well.  A very well deserved "StampInkPaper Gold Medal of Service " is hereby bestowed upon you!  If you're reading this and have an outlet that suits their range, perhaps you should check them out as a supplier!!


MsGetinspired said...

what a wonderful story, i thought personal service like that was long gone and buried...........such a comfort to know that some companies can still go that extra mile for their customers....yes they certainly do deserve your gold medal of service and also perhaps a bit of loyalty from anybody who reads your post.. i myself have never heard of them before but i will be looking out for them for sure.

Lynda said...

Having Miss 6 about I know of this company Michelle. It is so very pleasing and refreshing to hear such stories of customer service. It is usual to tell folk of bad customer service, but I think in a forum like this....the message will spread far and wide. thanks for sharing such a happy story.

Robyn said...

AMAZING!! Glad the story ended so happily!!

Karen said...

Well I would never have believed it. It is nice to know that there are still people around that care. After all customer service and word of mouth goes along way. Great read thanks for sharing

Tracey said...

That is amazing - thanks for sharing this. What an amazing after sales service - during the holiday season to boot. So pleased you have let everyone know - I'm about to go check out their products myself!