Friday, 6 November 2009

We're baaaaaaacccckkkkk!

Gosh, I feel such a slacker for not posting here in so long, especially since Kim Tonnet has not only posted a few times since our return from Fiji but also managed a couple of updates while we were there!! We all had a fantastic time, although as Kim also mentions, holidays with kids are never quite the same as the 'good old days' BC! We packed in lots of activities, interspersed with cocktails by the pool and a beach massage. I even took some Stazon stamped images to colour with Watercolor Wonder Crayons and a blender pen, but didn't manage many!

It is good to be home though, travelling always makes me appreciate how good we have it here in Australia. One of the highlights was a village tour where we met some local children. Because it was a weekend, the tour of their school wasn't on, but the kids were around the village instead.
Just before leaving I was reading some reviews of various tours, and discovered that stationery supplies like exercise books, pencils, pens, textas etc are in very short supply in rural Fiji, and are beyond the budget of many village families. I raided my stash of school supplies and took a bag full of things with me to give the children. They were delighted, and I encourage anyone visiting similar places to do the same. One young girl was proudly telling me she wishes to become a nurse, so anything we can do to help them on their path will be greatly appreciated. I plan to stock up big when the 'back to school' sales are on and post a parcel with more supplies early in the new year. Many of the resorts have a village they sponsor, so a parcel addressed care of a major resort should see the items reach their intended destination.

Ah well, better get back to it, so many things on my to do list!
I leave you with a couple of photos taken by my 8 year old son, it's amazing what kind of genuine images you can capture when the photographer is a youngster! I think he did a great job. The top one is of a Firewalking Warrior, and the second one is of my son with some of his village friends.

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