Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Stampin' Up! Product Shares

Put your hand up if you'd love to have a nice selection of Stampin' Up! ribbons, Pretties Kit and Hodgepodge to play with, without needing to purchase a whole roll or pack?

A few of you? Yes, there have been a number of enquiries! I have done these shares with my demonstrator group and downline, but I'm about to invite my customers and readers in on the fun!

First up will be ribbon, and the shares will be 1/4 rolls. Depending on the ribbon style, you will receive between 2.28m and 3.42m of each - certainly enough to play with! Cost will be 1/4 of the roll cost including the postage and handling charge (5%)x the number of ribbon styles in the share plus $1.10 for postage per share. I will run two groups of ribbon, and you are welcome to join in both groups if you wish to purchase a share in each. If you want half a roll, purchase two shares! Ribbons will be as listed in the groups and not exchangeable, and you will receive all the ribbon styles in that group for the share price.

Groups will need to be filled before I can order, so stay tuned for more details tomorrow, then tell your friends!


Game Over said...

i'd be keen michelle!

amanda hall said...

Michelle if you ever do those yummy corduroy buttons in a swap let me know please!!!