Monday, 24 August 2009

Just having a play around with settings...

I do have more pics to post, but I thought I'd have a play with the sidebar of my blog tonight for a change. Long awaited cover images of the current catalogues are shown, so you can zoom off to Stampin Temptation in just one click!

I've also added a poll, so you can tell me what days you are most able to attend a class. It seems like weekends are getting far too crowded, and I've had a number of enquiries about weekday classes or evening classes during the week. If you're local enough to come along to Cherrybrook, North Western Sydney, please click away and give me your opinion, thanks!

I'd like to add a slideshow, still working on something in the correct format though, I'll keep you posted! There are so many cool gadgets to add!

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