Monday, 19 August 2013

And the winner is... (at long last)

June Online Ordering Competition - Gosh, I've been tardy with this one!  I have been getting far more casual teaching work than I anticipated, and it has become a case of 'make hay while the sun shines' - Term 4 is usually quieter so perhaps I can catch up then.  I am also busy busy with my training as a member of the Rural Fire Service!  I decided that by joining, I could build my skills and as a bonus get to spend more weekend time with my husband Andrew, who has been a member for some years.  But, this initial training phase is a little hectic!!!

In any case, I had slips of paper named and cut for some weeks before hooking my trusty assistant above into conducting the draw for me.  Drumroll......  The lucky winnner is Alison M of South West Sydney, and when I finish gathering the bundle I'll post a pic of her prize.

 Back to Year 11 Art - where strangely I have been able to help students with their projects thanks to the talented bunch of ladies I can call friends - Louise Nelson, Kate Mason and Nat May (mixed media on paper stuff with gesso and texture paste questions)  So, if you all get inundated with enthusiastic high school students on your blogs, you can blame me  (nah, never gunna happen :-p)


Anyway, the bell rang, I had a lunchtime playground duty, and this post never made it past a draft that day.  The upside is that I now have a pic of the prize bundle, which should have reached the winner today :-)

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