Saturday, 19 April 2008

New Stamp Challenge!

Well, I've been thinking of this for the last week since my gorgeous new goodies arrived, and now I have mounted all my new sets it's time to start creating! I want to make a card or papercraft object with EVERY one of my new stamps and put them up here for you to see. Now that I have put this up here in public, I feel accountable (and it will make me actually do it LOL!) I'd love to read your comments, especially since some of the projects kicking around in my brain might be less than traditional!! Off I go!


Anonymous said...

wow - good luck Michelle!

I have rubber here that still haven't seen ink, I have almost 70 sets so far, so it would take me forever to do your challenge lol

What new sets did you get?

Michelle said...

LOL Cass! That's why I said NEW sets. I got 9 new ones: couple of alphas, baroque motifs, lovely labels, occasional greetings, occasionally, all in the family, office accoutrement.. um, that's all I can think of right now. It would be nice to have them all get lots of use, so thanks for the good luck wishes!